Hey Hey it’s Saturday


Hey hey it’s Saturday, and for the first time in ages we have Leo here in fact we have had him since yesterday afternoon. Jessica has gone to visit a friend who lives near Casino she left yesterday afternoon by train to go and see her, it was about a 9hr trip she will back by around 4am Monday morning in time for her to go to work on Monday morning.

Last night Tim was suppose to sleep in the spare bed but in the end he didn’t because he came into give me a hug I was already asleep so only kind of remember him coming in and laying down and wrapping his arms around me, the next thing I knew it was 1am and Tim was home, I had to call for him to come and move Leo who was laying partly on me, like a dead weight.

I also had Sydney-May and Summer yesterday afternoon till Kathy-Lee finished work, in fact I picked Sydney-May up from school and Summer from day care and had them till 7.30pm, have to say the girls and Leo had a bloody wonderful time playing together.

Natasha borrowed Jessica’s car and drove her to the train station, which was good meant I didn’t have to do it, I was worried if I took her into the station Leo would get upset.

Ok not much today but at least you get some kind of post, I haven’t been out today except when I went to take Natasha a box of Tiny Teddys, she is working well was working doing bus marshalling from 4am to 2pm and wanted something to nibble on. Kathy and the girls came over for an hour or so.

Oh yeah yesterday Michael flew to Brisbane to attend his grandmother’s funeral he should be home sometime tonight, thankfully Brisbane wasn’t affected by Marcia you know the cyclone that hit Queensland.

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