Monday’s Thoughts No It’s Tuesday

Great tuesday

Monday’s thoughts no hang on it’s Tuesday what happened to Monday, one minute it’s here and now it’s gone………..bugga……..

Oh well lets start off Tuesday’s thoughts, with something from Monday, when I went to drop Leo off at school he didn’t want me to leave but because I had a doctors appointment I couldn’t stick around till he went in like I often do. So I tell him this and try to leave and he follows me I speak to him again, give him a big hug and kiss and tell him I will see him in the afternoon and go to leave again he follows me so a staff member comes up and takes his hand and talks to him while I leave.

All good right, wrong I get out to through the office on the way to the car park and Leo comes running up to me crying and wraps his arms around my waist and says he wants me to stay, I had to walk him back in with his arms wrapped around me as he wouldn’t let go. Another stuff member came up and spoke to him telling him I had to leave but he cried saying he wanted me to stay, I told her I would stay but I had a doctors appointment to get to at 9.15am and it was now 9.05am. In the end she had to pry him off me and hold him while I left to him crying out for his nanna, it was upsetting for me.

So I get to the doctors right on 9.15 and of course I cannot find anywhere to park so it was 9.30 by the time I got to check in with reception and another half hour before I saw the doctor and what did he say, well that he thinks I need to go back and see Dr Gibson the gastro doctor and there really isn’t anything else I can take for the nauseousness, so now I have to wait to hear from a Dr Gibson.

Now let us move onto Tuesday, well this morning I was able to say with Leo till it was time to go into class and even then he didn’t want me to leave and wanted me to go to class with him. Thankfully it only took a couple of minutes to get him to go to class and I was able to leave.

Tonight I have Blain as I do each Tuesday night and this week papa will be home from around 2.30pm so Blain will get to see his papa.


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