Sunday at my place

Road Trip

Well it is now Sunday afternoon and I am writing this from my brothers kitchen, why because I was asked to dog sit again while my brother and his family are in Sydney for the night Kayla and Leigh are going to the 1D concert and so the whole family went to Sydney for the night and if they are not here I have to dog sit. I asked Tim if he would give me money to get something for tea and he gave me about $9 which is good I think I will get a pizza.

Today there was just me, Tim and Jessica for lunch at my place we had streak and bacon and roast potatoes the frozen type roast potatoes which Jessica isn’t that keen on and Tim said the steak was undercooked, I said well you are the one who turned it out and told me I was overcooking it and didn’t trust I knew what I was doing. Leo didn’t come to lunch as he was grounded for stealing chocolate he knew he wasn’t suppose to have Jess said it is becoming a real problem she has tried everything to get him to stop, she has smacked and yelled and explained it is not something she wants him doing at least he doesn’t lie about taking and eating it. When asked if he took the chocolate he will say yes, when asked why he will say I felt like it or I was hungry. She didn’t leave him home alone, she took him to Tasha’s place and she made him do some homework type stuff.

On Friday Tim bought a can crusher to crush the soft drink cans before I toss them in the bag we collect them for the year and cash them in and share the money between the grandchildren. Anyway Tim is always at me to crush the cans, I told him to be just happy that I was keeping them anyway of Friday he bought the can crusher and wanted to put it outside I said it would be better to put it some place I would use it. So he must have been thinking about it and today he put it up on the back door so it is next to the bag I toss the cans in and as such I will in fact use it.

Well that is all I have for today, I will be back tomorrow to do some more blog reading as I do most days/

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