Hey Hey it’s Saturday…………….Pantyhose

Black pantyhose

Hey hey it’s Saturday and what am I going to talk about today on this lovely not to hot nor to cold Saturday well I will tell you I am going to talk about stockings/pantyhose and yes I am sure I have mentioned in the past that I wear them but today I will tell you a little more about why I wear them and why I think some other women should wear them.

Yesterday while out shopping I was dressed in a nice dress with pantyhose and sandals and while I was rushing to the toilet I heard a couple of teenage girls say “why do people wear stockings” if I had not been in such a hurry I would have stopped and told them why I wear them, but as I said I was in a hurry and couldn’t so now I am going to tell you.

Black knee highs

I started wearing them in my 20’s up until then I always wore thong sandals but in my 20’s I wanted to wear other sandals and found I was unable to do so due to how much my feet sweet not just in summer but all year round. I had to have some kind of foot cover and back then you couldn’t get footlets that just cover the foot.

I also started to have trouble with my thighs rubbing together and I was only a size 12 so found pantyhose very good they stopped my thighs chaffing and my feet blistering. As I got older I took to wearing shots under my skirt or dress over my pantyhose as my fat thighs would rub together I was not so fat but my thighs a different matter but that is for a different post.

knee highs

Now that I am in my 50’s I find my legs look better in pantyhose, I don’t have the nicest looking legs, granted they are not that bad but like most women my age I have knees that look old. Only last week while out shopping I noticed a few women in short dresses/skirts with bare legs that looked terrible. They had old looking legs and I thought they would look so much more attractive in a pair of long pants or with pantyhose on to cover their legs. Now don’t get me wrong if a woman is happy with her legs and doesn’t mind having bare legs then that is all good but I know I myself feel better when I look in the mirror and see nice looking legs.

Of course I do not wear pantyhose with shorts that is just not a good look although 10 years from now I may feel different but I really doubt it…………….lol

I remember when Blain was a baby his other grandmother (fathers mum) told me I shouldn’t be wearing stockings with sandals as it was not the done thing, I told her well for me it is a necessary. Also for many years I was unable to buy sandal thongs they were not common, like they are now in summer I usually wear them and such I do not wear pantyhose but if I am wearing a short dress or skirt with normal sandals I will wear pantyhose.

knee highs

I also wear knee high stockings a lot and ankle high ones under long pants or skirts for me it is a necessity if you can see my knees then I am going to have them covered with a pair of pantyhose. So if you see a woman wearing them you shouldn’t judge her since you do not know what the reason behind her wearing them is, yes it maybe a fashion statement but it also may be a necessity. Oh yeah I always wear black stockings and knee highs. 

So what is your take on them?


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