Nothing much except my grandchildren

nothing much 1

Well I am late getting around to writing a post today, no real reason just didn’t feel like it earlier, I had to go to the library after I took Leo to school to return a book and re-borrow it, I couldn’t renew the loan as I had already done that once.

Blain school photo 2014 yr 3

Tonight we have Blain here for the night, he doesn’t have his xbox and have to tell you when his mum said he wasn’t bringing it, he said I am going to be sooooooooo bored. So I told him he was free to come but no complaining about being bored I am just not going to put up with that.

I am so tired this afternoon, I could go to sleep right now and it is only 5.30pm think I am in for an early night.

Sydney first day school1

I really don’t have any news and can’t think of anything interesting to write about so not getting much today from me. I will share a photo of my granddaughter Sydney-May on her first day of school which was yesterday.

It was also Liarna’s and Temika’s first day of school


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