Hey Hey its Saturday……………..Mum’s Party

Mum & Dad

Hey hey it’s Saturday yet again, and what a Saturday it has been. I was up at 6.30am I had to prepare and bake the potato bake and the pasta bake, I did a chicken and bacon potato bake. This was for my mum’s birthday gathering which we had at my parents place today, my brother did some chicken dishes, honey soy chicken thighs and some kfc style chicken legs and thighs and another pasta dish but for some reason I can’t remember what it was it was some kind of fettuccine dish. Of course Dave was late turning up, and nothing could kick off really till he arrived with the rest of the food.

My daughter Natasha did a Caesar salad which everyone seemed to like well those who eat salad loved it I don’t eat salad so I didn’t try it.

We kept the lunch a secret from mum and only told dad last week, about it in fact mum wanted to go out to the Eastern Tiger for lunch and dad told her he didn’t want to do so, which pissed her off but when she found out about the party this morning she was happy and surprised.

I don’t have any photos today as I forgot my camera, Tim and Jessica took photos as did dad but I do not have access to those photos at the moment so sorry not photos. Tim had to go to work so he left early and of course he has his camera with him so can’t get those photos and Jessica well she will need to upload the photos she took to Facebook or Dropbox when she is next here.

The weather was nice not hot nor cold and we set the tables up in the car port which was nice we do that a lot when we have functions at my parents place. There was a good turn out about 20 people in all and everyone had a good time.

The cake was nice it was a vanilla sponge with jam and cream and I also took over a apple and custard teatime, and a jam and custard scroll pull apart.

Mum said she had a lovely time and was really happy to see everyone.

Dave & Mum


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