The start of the school year

Leo 2014

Good morning world, yes it is still morning here in my part of the world, yesterday was the first day of school for the year. I had to take Leo it was also his first day at the new school and all went well once we got there. Although in the morning he didn’t want to get dressed and didn’t want to go and get into the car, had to fight with him to get dressed and Tim had to drag him out to the car but once we got to the school he was fine.

In the afternoon he said he had a good first day, and today there was not problem getting him to school, at the school he and I were sitting waiting for the bell to ring and a staff member came up and asked me if I was waiting to see someone, I said no I was just waiting with Leo for the bell to go and she asked Leo if he knew where the “resort” was this is the schools play area and he said no so she said she would take him and show him. He then said goodbye to me and went off with her.

Jessica Sleeping

Since they live closer to me now Jessica doesn’t feel the need to hang out here between her morning and afternoon shifts although she was here yesterday all day sleeping on my lounge, today though she went back to her place so I am home alone and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Natasha and I have decided that on Tuesday’s I will pick Blain up from school and bring him back here and take him to school on Wednesday morning and she will pick up Leo and take him to school on Wednesdays. Natasha has also agreed to take Leo to school on Fridays after she drops Blain off as Fridays are my busy day and this will help me out a lot and yes some weeks Leo may be 5 minutes late to school but it is what it is and the school will just have to deal with it.

Blain school photo 2014 yr 3

Yesterday it rained all day here and I had to park in the schools staff parking area when I took Leo to school, there is not a lot of parking at this school and it is on a main highway. Many people park on the grass area between the road and the footpath but I didn’t want to do that in the rain as it was all wet and soggy. Also this school doesn’t have disable parking which sucks, I don’t have to leave as early to do get Leo but because there is bugga all parking I can’t leave that late either.

Ok that is all I have for today, see you tomorrow for Five things Friday.



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