Happy Birthday Sydney-May

Sydney's Uniform

Guess what it’s Thursday and not just any Thursday it is the 22nd and that means it is my beautiful granddaughter Sydney-May’s 5th birthday. I can remember the day she was born as it was only 5 years ago and my memory isn’t that bad………yet………..sydsportshirt

On the 2nd February she will start school which is another wow, her mum and Michael have asked us over Sunday morning to celebrate her birthday. I want to get my ass into gear and wrap up her present as I don’t know if Kathy will be bringing her over this afternoon to see me and if she does I want the gift wrapped and ready.

What else it is another hot day here, so I have the air conditioning going of course.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sydney-May

  1. Happy Birthday, Sydney-May! It’s amazing to see what 5 years actually IS! 🙂 I’m finding that with my nieces. I never think much about 7 years, but it’s the whole of my niece’s existence, so I also realize how much can happen in what feels like a short period of time.

    1. Thank you and yes so much happens in such a short period of time since Sydney-May has been alive we have had another 4 births in the family and 4 deaths as well all in only 5 years

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