I have experienced feeling overtired again today


This afternoon I am going to write about being over tired, why, because I was experiencing the over tired symptoms. I remember Jessica saying to me when Leo was a baby if he is tired why doesn’t he just go to sleep, I would say he is overtired and it is not that easy when one is overtired to just go to sleep.

Do you know the symptoms of overtired? I think it is something most adults do not understand as from the time we are young children we understand when we are feeling tired and we go to bed or get some sleep. Thus we forget the symptoms of being overtired.

So in case you don’t know what they are I will list a few here, the ones I experience, shaking, nauseousness, headache, sore eyes, restlessness. When you start to feel like this you just keep getting more and more restless and things keep going downhill, till you get to the point when you try to sleep you find sleep is hard to manage.


You know when you are trying to get a baby that is overtired to asleep they will start to go drift off and then suddenly they will jump and start to cry, this happens because when you are overtired you will suddenly have these jerking moments they are involuntary, I know this because I have experienced them myself when I have been overtired. This is why when you are trying to settle an overtired baby you need to hold them tight to stop this happening.

This morning I was up and dressed by 8am and by 9.30am I was wanting to go back to sleep and by the time Tim got home at 10am I was really suffering from being overtired and needed to go back to bed which I did for 3 hours. I am feeling better but not great now.

11 thoughts on “I have experienced feeling overtired again today

  1. I feel your pain. This is usually a symptom of depression for me. Other than recognition and defiance, there’s not much I can do to combat the sleepiness other than just offer my understanding. Good luck to you.

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