Sunday At My Place

Sunday 1

Here it is Sunday afternoon, yesterday I didn’t bother opening the computer, when I got home it was around 3pm and I felt so tired that all I wanted to do was go and have a nap which I did after the nap I didn’t feel like doing much of anything so I did nothing.

This morning I was up at 7am I heard the tv going in the lounge room and thought it was later in the morning and that Jessica must had been here but I was wrong it was Tim he left for work a few minutes later.


I checked the casserole and turned it back on for a couple of hours ready for lunch there was only me and Jessica here for lunch and casserole is her favourite meal. I also watched the girls while Kathy and Michael went out to find Sydney-May’s birthday present, Summer ate a fair amount of the casserole but Sydney-May only had a few grapes.

The funeral was good, I shed a few tears it was mum who was emotional but Aunty Nita was mum’s favourite aunt so that is to be expected. Afterwards there was a wake at the bowling club which was great all in all it was a nice day, we spent the night at a local motel one of the cheap motels but a nice one anyway.

Friday night I had a so so sleep took me a while to settle down and I was woken during the night by dad who was having a coughing fit and was not well at all. In fact on Saturday morning he didn’t want to wake up but of course he had too, mum drove to Macca’s for breakfast and then she drove out to the cemetery at Wauchope, we went to put flowers on mum’s grandparents graves.

Now days mum prefers to use artificial flowers over fresh flowers and have to agree they last longer and look nice so much better then seeing a lot of dead flowers left on graves.


This afternoon I am watching Great British Bake Off it is a favourite Sunday afternoon show for me.


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