I had a trip to the doctor……………just so you know

feel this way

Ok we all have had a headache from time to time but the ones I have been getting the last week or so have been shocking they border on migraines and I have had to take really strong pain relief in order to function at all but of course the strong tablets make me sleepy and this means I have had to have an afternoon nap and early nights.

I went back to the doctors yesterday about my depression but since I was still coughing so bad he was worried about that and had prescribed me another lot of antibiotics and have to go back in a week.

He thought the reason my moods/emotions have been all over the place is because I have been so unwell and thinks once I am feeling better my moods will improve, we will see.

I also have to get a chest x ray and have some blood tests done which I though I would do this morning but of course Tim took the car to work so that isn’t going to happen and of course the blood tests are fasting ones so can’t go and have them done this afternoon it will have to be in the morning. I will have to make sure Tim knows not to take the car in the morning.

I have in fact not felt like doing much of anything the last couple of days but the doctor did tell me again that I should be resting in order to recover so not feeling like doing much is ok right now.


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