A Death in the Family

For a while now I have felt like I need a break away just a night or two away from everyday life, and now it looks like I may indeed get away at the end of the week, however, not for a good reason. I have asked my parents if I can go with them to Port Macquarie at the end of the week, we will be going to attend a funeral my great-aunt Nita passed away.

Aunty Nita is my nanna’s younger sister by a year so she would be 92, when I was a child my parents would pack us all up on Boxing Day and we drive to Aunty Nita’s place for a couple of weeks holiday so I have a lot of memories as a child being at Aunty Nita’s house.

I was also named after Aunty Nita, my middle name is Nita. Anyway with the passing of Aunty Nita nanna is the last of her siblings left alive. My sisters Sue and Sandra have both also said they would like to go to the funeral with mum and dad, so dad told mum that the two of them would have to fight it out between themselves as to who goes with them and me, interesting dad didn’t say I had to fight it out.

However, even though Sandra would like to attend the funeral in reality she has two young children Temika & Denni and who would look after them if she went to the funeral so really I expect it will be me and Sue who will be going with mum and dad.

Aunty Nita has three children, Peter, Colleen and Lynn and it was Peter who rang mum last night to tell her about Aunty Nita’s passing.


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