My New Years…………Yeah I know it’s late


The weekend after New Years Tim went and bought himself a new telly for his office and has moved the telly from his office into the spare room for the boys to use when they are here, mostly it is for Blain to use when he comes over as he brings his Xbox with him.

It is better if Blain brings his Xbox with him as it keeps him amused, he is not like Leo who likes to just watch Foxtel (pay tv) or use papa’s computer to play computer games.

The boys spent New Year’s Eve here and drove me crazy for most of it, they fought a lot and things were made worse by the fact that Jessica didn’t give Leo is medication so he was really bouncing off the walls both figuratively and literary. He was throwing himself against a wall and landing on the bed.

I was really annoyed with Jessica I felt that she knew he would be here with Blain and that when they are together they are crazy and he really needs his medication. New Year’s morning I gave him a dose not long after he woke up and another dose around 12.30pm and he was pretty good all day.

Have to tell you New Year’s day was a bloody hot day so hot that even though I had the air conditioning going I still had moments when I felt hot and sweaty but that may be due to my high blood glucose levels.


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