About Leo and my teeth

Leo 2014

Ok it seems I didn’t write or post anything yesterday, how did that happen I opened a page ready to write a post and yet I wrote nothing. Now I know I opened the page then had to leave with Jessica to go to Leo’s appointment with his paediatrician but them of course Jessica wanted me to go and do some grocery shopping for her and when I got home I had to help Kelli with some laminating and when everyone had left I had to vacuum out and tidy the kitchen and somehow along the way I forgot about my blog post.

Anyway back to Leo he is doing ok weight and height wise he isn’t underweight as some members of the family thought and he isn’t either too tall or too short he is pretty ok for a 7 year old, yes there are 7 year olds who are taller then him but considering that he comes from a short family you really can’t expect him to be tall.

His medication is to stay the same for now, another appointment will be made for us to see the paediatrician again around the middle of the year. She said she will do a letter to the school and send it out to us in the next week or so, so I hope she does. She said she will add to the letter that she wants to have Leo accessed by the school counsellor to see if he has any learning difficulties, we had wanted that done last year but the school never got around to doing it.

On thing I don’t like about this new school he will be going to is that they do not have an OOSH (out of school hours) care centre near the school, the Fair Play Cafe operates an after school OOSH according to the school’s booklet I read but it says nothing about before school I guess I would have to contact Fair Play Cafe and find out more.

I am still coughing like I am dying or something at times it seems to have improved but at other times not so much. I will get the repeat of the antibiotics on Friday can’t do it before hand as I don’t have any money for the script this lot run out on tomorrow so I will have to miss a day then go back on them nothing else I can do.

You know last year I spoke about how I can’t have my false teeth in for very long and I wanted to wear them each day and work up to wearing them all the time, well that didn’t happen here it is a new year and I still only wear them to eat when I remember to put them in so I am going to give it another shot learning to wear them by having them in of a morning and hopefully within 3 months I will be use to them and having them in all the time. We will see how that goes.


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