December 2014

Christmas 2014 (20)

Well we are into a new year but I will be telling you a bit about the end of the last year today, during the month of December my youngest daughter Jessica moved house and that means Leo will have to change schools when school goes back at the end of the month.

We have already enrolled him into his new school, I am unable to tell you which school he will be going to as Jessica has asked me not to do so, she also doesn’t want me to say where she has moved to but I can tell you she is now only a 10 minute drive from me.

She did most of the moving herself with some help from her friends but no help from her dad as he didn’t have time to help her.

The week after she moved she went and bought a new fridge and a new washing machine, yes new I told her that buying new would mean they would last her for 10 years or more as my washing machine is like 15 years old and the fridge is also years old.

She was given a second hand lounge from her cousin Heather and they even took it to her place for her. So she is pretty happy with things as they are now, they have settled into the new place nicely.


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