Hello 2015


Welcome to 2015, I hope it is a great year for everyone, I am expecting the year to be pretty much the same as the last year.

I don’t do New Year resolutions why because I have terrible follow through so what is the point. I am and have always been the type of person who takes life one day at a time. Yes of course I do make some plans but generally day to day I don’t. I wake up of a morning and and take the day as it comes.

How about you? Do you plan out your year or only plan a few things through out the year?

During the year of course we will have birthdays and celebrations but that is pretty much the norm my precious first born daughter will turn 30 this year so I am hoping there will be a big celebration for that.

Sydney-May and her cousins Temika and Liarna all start school this year, of course they will all be going to different schools but I hope all three of them enjoy school.

My Little Leo will be starting a different school although he prefers me to call him my medium Leo as he says he is no longer a Little Leo.

Tim and I are talking about going back to New Zealand this year to see the bottom half of the South Island this I think we will do towards the end of the year. I am also hoping to go on a cruise with my parents and brother and sister in-law sometime this year.

So here’s to 2015 I am hoping it will be a bloody great year for me and all my family and friends.

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