The Boxing Day in Australia


Boxing day is a Great Australian tradition at Christmas time. Boxing Day is the day after Christmas day. It’s a commemoration day that we inherited from the British for a reason we have forgotten about and never cared about anyway. It’s a big day out. It’s always a public holiday and always much cherished. It is a sports day, but we don’t fight.

Two great Australian sporting traditions always capture us on Boxing day. The Cricket and the spectacular Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Many families hang around at home on boxing day and snooze whilst they watch these events on the TV, whilst the kids play cricket in the backyard. Others pack up for a picnic or a trip to the beach. There is always boating and fishing, also great family outings.

An extract from a poem, “Tangmalangmaloo” by John O’Brien, perhaps captures the way many Australians feel about Boxing day. The poem describes the day the bishop called in at an outback school and questioned the class about religion.

“And oh, how pleased his lordship was, and how he smiled to say,
‘That’s good, my boy. Come tell me now; and what is Christmas Day?’
The ready answer bared a fact no bishop ever knew –
‘It’s the day before the races out at Tangmalangmaloo.’ “

2 thoughts on “The Boxing Day in Australia

  1. We have boxing day in Canada too. Originally boxing day (the 26th) was the day that those who were well off boxed up leftovers from their Christmas dinner and gave it to the poor.
    Now it’s the day when Canadians go shopping as everything that wasn’t sold by Christmas is way cheaper.
    Diana xo

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