Nothing Much


Good morning world, there was no post on Friday or yesterday because both days I was as busy as and by the time I found myself with time to write a post I was just too tired to do so.

Yesterday I went and bought some Christmas decorations for Kelli and when Tim saw them he says “why do you keep buying those things” I told him they were for Kelli and that she had given me money to get them for her, that shut him up but really if I wanted to buy more for myself why should he give a rats ass.

Friday was a lovely day hot but nice and yesterday was pretty much the same hot but nice today is going to be another hot day as well. I have the girls coming over for lunch I made a casserole for Jessica in the new slow cooker.

I have moved the laptop back to the computer desk and will try using it here for a while and see how I go, the reason I stopped using the desk was because sitting in the computer chair makes my back hurt but we will see.

I wonder if I should do a load of washing today, properly I will do that when I get up from the desk as I have just got comfortable. I asked the girls not to get here before 10am as Tim didn’t get home to late last night and I don’t want him woken too early.

I have also printed off 8 letters to put in with Christmas cards that I want to write this afternoon. I have two letters to answer as well but I have to read the letters first and highlight what I want to reply to in them so I might answer them either tomorrow or sometime during the week.

I do have to go out today as I need needles for my Byetta I am out as I keep forgetting to get them till I have used the last one.

Ok so not much of a post but shoot me, ok don’t shoot me as I do not like pain and don’t want to die but you could shoot me with a camera that would be ok but no gun please.

6 thoughts on “Nothing Much

  1. Glad it’s hot and nice there Jo-Anne. Yesterday night while I was sweeping off 10 inches of snow off my car’s windshield, I’m pretty sure the skin on my forehead was so frozen it was beginning to separate from my skull!
    Diana xo

  2. You must be chuckling at all the whining we’re doing over here in the US about our cold weather when you’re in the nice throes of heat. You’d think we’ve never had winter before with how bent out of shape we’re all getting about it, myself included. 🙂

    Thanks for the Twitter share!

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