Guess what today I had to wear long pants when I went to see nanna be it light weight long pants but still long pants after all the bloody hot days we have had who would had thought.Jess and Kel

Jessica has had a house guest the last few days with Kelli staying, I don’t know why other then Kelli wanting to spend time with her cousin. It has been nice for Jessica she likes spending time with her cousin, in a lot of ways they are more like sisters then cousins.

I have thought back to when I was younger and my relationship with my cousins and you know I don’t think I had much of a relationship with any of them I don’t know if it was because my main cousins I had contact with were boys not girls.

Samantha and Hayley retouched

Out of my girls Natasha and Samantha were close when they were teenagers and now Jessica and Kelli are super close and have to say Kelli also get on well with Natasha but Kathy and Kelli do not get along in fact they can barely stand to be in the same room as each other. This could cause me some upset if I allowed it but I don’t so it doesn’t they are both adults and their battle is just that their battle and not mine I just keep out of it and thankfully neither of them have asked me to take sides because I wouldn’t do that.Grandchildren

Now also I want to say that Sydney-May and Blain are super close and adore each other and Blain and Leo can act like brothers at times which is nice. I think it is good to be good friends with your cousins because lets be honest here when it comes to sleepovers mum and dad would feel better if it is at a family members house when it first happens

I don’t know how my parents dealt with me wanting to sleepover at my friend Stacey’s place all the day she lived two houses down from us and we slept at each others house a lot this was before we went into high school, our friendship died once we both went to high school I think because we went to different high schools.

Kelli Jes & Tasha

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