Do your children wear pyjamas


Good morning world, well it is morning here in my part of the world and I have to say at 9.45am I have been up for hours had to get up early and go and buy bread so Tim could make sandwiches to take to work for his lunch.

It is a nice day here not hot at all quiet pleasant I have to say, no need for the air conditioner as yet and I have just got the towels on to wash and the sheets off the bed.

I have Blain here tonight which brings me to the topic of today’s post.


Pyjamas, do you make children wear them Blain doesn’t like them and will not wear them. He prefers to sleep in his clothes and this really gets up Tim’s nose. I asked Natasha if he wore them at home and he doesn’t so if it is good enough for his mum it is fine with me.

I would prefer him to wear pj’s but I am not going to get in tiss over it. Tim, however, does and goes on and on about it.

When my girls were little I went through the whole I don’t want to sleep in pyjamas stage with each of the girls and they all outgrew it so I feel Blain will be the same.

Life is too short to stress over something so trivial.

Blain tattooframed

I, however, would like to get Blain and Leo to start sleeping in the spare room and not with me and papa but it is hard they both like to sleep with us. However, on New Year’s Eve I will have both boys here first Leo then around 10ish Tasha will drop Blain off by that time Leo will be in bed asleep I hope and I would prefer that both of them sleep in the spare room. I have a queen size mattress in the spare room so big enough for both boys.

Blain & Leo

4 thoughts on “Do your children wear pyjamas

  1. Gee, I never went through the no pajamas phase with my kids. It is funny, but now my adult daughters tend to wear oversize t-shirts and some sort of bottoms to bed. Shorts in the summer, long pants in the winter. So I guess they are going though their no pajamas phase now!

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