If you don’t want a baby…………..please do not throw it away like rubbish


Good morning world suppose to be another hot day here in Newie, I have been up and busy this morning as I am most days. I have to go out during the day, I want to take my old laptop over and give it to my mum I think it is time mum had her own computer to play around with yes dad has a computer but mum doesn’t like using it so I am giving her my old one so she can decided if she wants to buy herself a computer.

Big news here is that a woman has been charged with attempted murder after she dumped her newborn baby boy in a drain in Sydney’s west.

It is believed that the baby was in the drain for 6 or 7 days, before he was found on Sunday morning (yesterday) by a couple of cyclists.

safe haven

So now the call has gone out for safe havens to be set up so that people can drop off unwanted babies but really I wonder how successful these are. I know they operate in some American states but I do not know how successful they are or how they work.

What do others think, are they are good idea?

I do not think it would had made a difference in this case as the baby was hidden in a drain and the drain covered with a large slap of cement, which makes me feel she wanted the baby to die and not just wanted to get rid of the baby.

As everyone knows I love babies and children and don’t understand how anyone can harm a child but I know it happens there are some terrible people out there and many people who should not have children.

safe haven sign

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