Laptop problems

Afternoon all, another lovely day here in my part of the world. Well I am having computer problems, yesterday I was using the laptop and it started making a strange noise it sounded like the fan. Well after about 15 minutes it shut down and wouldn’t reboot, I left it for a little while and tried to reboot it and it has been going alright since.

So I go and tell Tim that it is stuffed and I will need a new laptop, I was expecting him to complain but he didn’t instead he tells me he was planning on getting me a new laptop for my birthday anyway.

Yes it is my birthday on Sunday I will be 52yrs old damn how did that happen………….

5 thoughts on “Laptop problems

  1. Happy Birthday – have a fun day!! I am not that much older than you and like you probably feel most days I still feel as if I am 23 – wondering how in the heck did I get sooo old!! lol But then on other days I feel as if I am 93 and wondering am I only 53??

    1. Yeah I usually feel like I am in my 20’s but there are times when my body feels like it is a lot older than my years. That said I don’t mind getting older I love my life and my family

      1. I just don’t like the aches and pains – but God has blessed me with many other things so I guess I should not complain. 😉

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