An Update about Dad & Tim

Good morning world how is everyone today? I am well it is a much cooler day here in my part of the world, I have nothing on this morning but of course this afternoon I will go and pick Leo up from school.

Went and saw dad yesterday, he looked ok not great, he said he felt ok if he was just sitting in bed or in a chair but if he had to walk anywhere like the bathroom he would get so out of breathe and would feel like he couldn’t breathe.

Although when the doctor saw him yesterday afternoon he said that dad might go home today, what a stupid thing to say as how can he go home if can’t walk to the bathroom and back to his bed without having an attack of shortness of breath. I will find out more today when I speak to mum.

Tim had no problem at work, turns out he wasn’t over his days so no problem but he will have to keep a check on this in the future. Dad was saying it was the same when he was at work he could only work so many shifts in a fortnight and like Tim it was up to him to keep track of how many shifts he had worked.

I sorted out my gifts of course I have more things for Leo then any of the other grandchildren, so I will have to go and get things for Blain and the girls. I also have my sisters pretty much sorted but nothing so far for Dave and his wife Leigh or their girls.

What I did find out is that Kathy takes a size 8 when I had down that she took a size 10 so some of the tops I have for her are a size to big so I will post of Facebook and see who in the family may take a size 10.

On another note it is my birthday in 10 days’ time, I will be 52 just saying.


7 thoughts on “An Update about Dad & Tim

  1. Hi Joanne — glad to hear the update on your dad and Tim. I guess it’s a work in progress for your dad and sure hope they don’t let him go home too soon. And glad to hear it all worked out for Tim. Whew! Life sure has it’s challenges. Take care and have a great week. 🙂

      1. That must be an ease off your mind, Joanne. I’m glad he’s better and coming home where he can feel most comfortable. 🙂

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