Good Afternoon…………….Now for a post about my day

Good afternoon all, yes here I am starting today’s post after a productive day more or less, first when I got up at around 6ish I did a load of washing, unpacked the dishwasher read some blogs pegged the washing on the line, read some more blogs.

Then I really got my ass into gear and washed the kitchen floor, honestly I don’t know why I put it off so much it is a breeze to do with the steam mop. I spray the floor with floor cleaner and used the steam mop on it takes 5 minutes then I wash the mop head and redo it all up takes less than 10 minutes to do. I just put it off and put it off till the floor looks like it hasn’t been done in months if not longer.

Next I cleaned the bath and toilet and then I went and dragged out my gift box and made a list of everything in it along with the layby I got out a few weeks back and then I found a book and wrote down family members names and listed what I had for that person. Now I also have two boxes that arrived this morning from Chrisco which will have gifts in them, to open and see what is there and those things to my lists.

Oh yeah I also took a couple of things to my sister’s place that I no longer wanted and she said she would like and some old books Kathy was getting rid of which I dropped off at my niece Samantha’s place for her daughter Hayley.

So I have done stuff today, Tim yesterday was complaining that I spend most of the day on the computer doing nothing and that I only do housework once a week, what a load of rubbish if I only did it once a week he would know it. It’s the old saying they never notice how much you do till you stop doing it.

Ok I just went and got the clothes off the line and that reminds me I ironed Tim’s work shirts also this morning. I am not going to lie and tell you I am always this busy during the day I am not but I am not as lazy as Tim seems to think I am either.

When I got to get Leo this afternoon Jessica wants me to get some things for her from Coles which of course I will do because well that is me, I do things like that.

Oh yeah I just remembered I think we have Blain tonight which is fine I don’t mind having him but I might suggest to Natasha that since I am not have Leo each week now that I will only have Blain every second week the week I know Tim will be home so that Tim can get to see Blain as well.

Ok I have rambled on about nothing long enough I will now post this.


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