It wasn’t Halloween it was my brother’s birthday

Hi everyone as you all would have noticed I didn’t do my five things for Friday yesterday, why you wonder, well I will tell you by the end of the day I was exhausted and just didn’t remember so should I do it now…………maybe but I’m not going to instead I am going to ramble on about my brother…………..

Like yesterday it was 31st of October which means it was……… brothers birthday, did you think I was going to say Halloween, if you did give yourselves a shake and remember I don’t do Halloween. Now as I was saying it was my baby brother’s birthday he turned 36, bloody hell I remember when he was born well I remember when he was a baby. I do not remember the day/night he was born not like how I remember the night Sandra was born.

Although I do have some memories of Dave as a baby like wearing mums dressing gown and walking the floor trying to settle him while mum drove dad to work in the middle of the night.

Dave is a mummy’s boy always has been always will be, he is the favourite and we all know it and accept it this doesn’t cause any jealousy from his older sisters at all. I know some people would find that hard to accept but it is the fact.

Dave was able to get away with bloody murder as a child and even now, if anyone should feel put out by this it should me Jeannie as until Dave came along she was the one able to get away with bloody murder. However, she doesn’t feel like that at all and I don’t remember her every being jealous of her baby brother.

Dave is the only one in the family to go all the way through high school getting his HSC (higher school certificate) he is the only one buying his own house and that is only because he is the favourite and was allowed to buy Aunty Joyce’s house after she passed away and yes I know it wouldn’t have been big enough for my family or any of the girls families except for Sandy but still it wasn’t offered to us. I will mention that Dave was already living in the house, he moved in to help cover the cost of the nursing home for Aunty Joyce. I know that may sound like I was a little jealous but I wasn’t it just comes across that way, I am happy living where I am.

Dave has three children Dawson, Liarna and Kayla who is his step-daughter but he just thinks of her as his daughter and she uses the name Jenkins-Webb, Jenkins is Dave’s last name.

Dave is a wonderful father when Dawson and Liarna were babies he was very hands on changing nappies and feeding them and playing with them and the older he gets the more like dad he becomes which of course is a good thing as we have one of the best fathers around.



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