How well do you know your neighbours

Good morning world, yesterday as you may have guessed I didn’t feel like writing a post, no real reason for it just realised in the afternoon that I hadn’t done a post so was looking for something easy to post so that is why you got what you got.

Anyway today I thought I would write about life in Australia compared to what life in Australia looks like in movies and television.

Shows like Neighbours and Home & Away make it seem like everyone in a street or neighbourhood know each other and get along and hang out with each other. I have never experienced anything like that. I know who all those who live in this complex are more or less but I don’t hang out with them, we don’t pop in and out of each other’s homes.

We nod or wave to each other if we pass each other in the driveway but pretty much we all keep to ourselves. I couldn’t tell you the first and last names of most of my neighbours, with the exception of Diane & Kevin and Cath I know their last names but I do not know the first and last names of any other neighbours. I do know most of their first names, there are 16 townhouses in this complex.

When I was growing up I remember my parents getting along with usually one neighbour, chatting to them most days but I never remember mum spending hours on end at a neighbours place.

Although mum did spend a lot of time with Mrs Kelly when dad was working in Sydney, well my sister Sandra says she did. Since by then I was married with 3 children I wasn’t home to know if mum was home or not.

I don’t really have any memories of my parents have friends they hung out with; both my parents usually spent their time with the family. Which may be why it seems normal to me to not have friends but instead have family.

What is it like for you, do you see a lot of your neighbours or do you pretty much keep to yourselves?


9 thoughts on “How well do you know your neighbours

  1. I don’t know many of my neighbours Jo-Anne and my family is spread across Canada and Germany. I have a lot of acquaintances and a few close friends. It’s definitely interesting to think about it though. 100 years ago most people knew everyone in town!
    Diana xo

  2. I am friends with a neighbor who lives around the corner but even then we don’t see each other all the time or drop by each other’s houses. We communicate through email more than anything! Most of my nearby neighbors wave and say hello but a few of them I wouldn’t even recognize if I passed by them on the street. My neighborhood is definitely a place where people keep to themselves!

  3. Same here, a few neighbors are rude and not friendly but most of them are, but everyone is busy so it is usually a hello here and there and on occasion we do speak the days pleasantries. Definitely not like when I was younger, even when my children were younger. I hear this often. But then I go my own way too…off to work, off to run errands, go to appts and craft classes and lunch/dinner with friends…etc…

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