Summer, Tim, Sue and Blain

Good morning we are in for another hot day here in my part of the world, this morning I watched Summer while Kathy took Sydney-May for her last swimming lesson. I was woken this morning by a phone call of course Tim wouldn’t get up and answer it because he says it’s always for you well I get up answer the phone and it was of course for Tim, it was working calling him, he had to go in and do a school run before his shift.

Speaking of Tim he rang not long ago to tell me that some guy he works with had a heart attack and died last night and the guy was only in his 50’s. Of course this is not going to make Tim give up smoking and drinking and to be honest it wouldn’t make me give up things I like doing either. As I feel we are all different and just because on guy died doesn’t mean it my bad habits are going to shorten my life, we have all heard of the people who have lived it be in their 90’s or even 100 who smoked and drank their whole life.

Today is my sister Sue’s birthday she is turning 46 I sent her a text message wishing her a happy birthday. I gave her a present last Friday, a dress, a top, a book and some perfume she seemed to like what I got her.

The next birthday in the family is on Friday when my brother will turn 36, I have no idea what I am going to give him.

I will have Blain sleeping over tonight he wants to start staying over more often and I am all for that, I miss seeing him also. Of a weekend he goes to his dad’s so he can’t stay over then so I have said he can stay over during the week. However, his mum will have to take him to school as I will be going to see my nan and I may get picked up early around 8ish.


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