Good Afternoon

Oh hell what another warm no make that hot day here in my part of the world, I have to have the air conditioner on like I have done for the last few days.

Yesterday I was up at 6am with Leo, I was not a happy chappy as I had told Jessica that her and Leo could stay but she would have to get up with him. Well as it turned out on Saturday night she called in to pick up her house keys as she was going home for the night and Leo got out of the car to see papa and wouldn’t leave so what did papa say “go get in bed with nanna” so Leo stayed and Jessica went home and that meant I had to get up with him in the morning.

On a different note Tim is on afternoon work again, and that means for me a nice quiet afternoon and evening. Recently I have found that I am not eating as much, this morning I made pancakes for breakfast I ate only 1 of them. When I went to get fresh bread I bought myself some hot chips for lunch but ate only 6 chips, I have put the rest of the aside and will reheat them for tea tonight I am not wasting $2.95. Thankfully the air fryer reheats them nicely. Nothing wrong with eating less……….

I have been in a lot of pain today with my back, any movement causes pain and yes I have taken pain relief and it has helped but still the pain is there.

Jessica went back to her place this morning after her run it is nice when she does that although most of the time her being here doesn’t bother me.

I have also bought a couple of other personalised things for Christmas this morning good thing Tim doesn’t know how much I spend on things at Christmas time, because trust me he would complain because he likes to complain.

Well this is a post about nothing much just this and that which is fine nothing wrong with that either.


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