My Dad and Reading and what else oh yeah ice cream for breakfast

Good morning all, it is a nice Sunday morning here in my part of the world. Yesterday I was going to post but just didn’t feel like it, so I didn’t, I did, however, read 24 blogs then I deleted the rest out of my inbox.

The girls are coming for lunch today, we are having home-made chicken tenders and potato bake, Kathy will be here first around 9ish and Jess, Kelli and the boys should be here by around 11ish.

Last night for some reason Leo woke up around 2am and was awake for about an hour or so, but he was good he just stayed in bed playing and talking to me and papa even though both of us were still asleep.

I found dad a birthday present, a book about the history of Australia I was at the post office on Friday and saw it and thought dad would like this so I got it.

You know when I was a child I never saw dad with a book and when he first retired he was always at the computer but since he had cancer in 2009 he has taken to reading a lot. In fact you will see dad reading pretty much every day, I said as much to him yesterday when I dropped off his present. I think it is because reading is an easy hobby and so relaxing as well.

Dad doesn’t read fiction books though he only like’s books about history, I have given him a number of books the last couple of years.

ON another topic who thinks ice cream is ok for breakfast, on Friday I gave Blain an ice cream for breakfast and this morning I am allowing Leo to have ice cream for breakfast as well. When my girls were little I often let them have ice cream for breakfast, even though now those same girls will give me a look when I allow their child to have ice cream for breakfast.

Well that is all for this post, hopes everyone is having a great day.


4 thoughts on “My Dad and Reading and what else oh yeah ice cream for breakfast

  1. Jo-Anne, my brother and I used to get up at 5 am and eat ice cream! Mom told us that we shouldn’t eat ice cream before we had a good breakfast, so after that we got up at 5am to eat cereal then we dished out ice cream!
    Diana xo

  2. I like breakfast food so much, I might need to eat the ice cream for lunch or dinner instead. 🙂
    So glad that you father is reading a lot now. I hope my Father will do the same. I sent him a book I had read and loved on my kindle and his comment was, “You sent me a huge book, bud. That’s a lot of homework!” 🙂 Hopefully he’ll get into it anyway.
    Have a great weekend–

    1. Sometimes I think it is ok to have dessert as the meal………….and at times I am just happy for the grandchildren to have some kind of food over nothing at all. I would never have thought that my dad would become such a reader he loves his books now

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