Happy Birthday Baby Girl…………aka……….Sandra

Good morning world yeah I know I say morning when it may not be morning where you are but it is here and what a morning it is nice and cool and wet, Tim had to take Jessica’s car to work due to the wet weather and the fact that I need my car to go to the doctors. Nothing wrong with me just need a form filled in for the RMS (roads & maritime service).

Anyway today is a special day in the family it is my sister Sandra’s birthday she is 37 today, bloody hell.

I can remember the night she was born, I was staying at my grandparents’ house while mum was in hospital and I was in bed already when dad turned up on his way home from the hospital to tell nan & pop and me about the baby. I remember hearing dad’s voice so I got out of bed and walked out to the loungeroom where he was and tells me I have a new baby sister, Sandra Mae.

I also remember going back to bed and feeling super excited, I was nearly 15 at the time.

I think somehow I knew this new baby would be like my own baby, I loved taking care of her and helping mum with her. As she grew into a toddler and mum had David to tend to I would look after Sandy more. She would come into my bed at night and cuddle up to me this she did for a long time and I have to say I liked it.

When she was only a tiny baby though I would take her into my room in her bounce and while I listened to music and I listened to loud music.

I remembered taking her with me when I walked around to the shops for mum, in fact I took both Sandy and Dave as mum had this big old pram and I would put both of them into it and walk around to the shops.

Our sister Jeannie was so excited about a baby sister that she took Sandy to school for show & tell, Jeannie was around 9 at the time.

For as long as I can remember Sandy was my baby girl, I often as a teenager like to think of her as my baby, she was the first baby I had fall off my bed………….lol, thankfully she wasn’t hurt and I just picked her up and settled her down, I didn’t want to tell mum she had rolled off the bed…………

So baby girl happy birthday from you big sister, ok you have 3 big sisters but the one who is a mummy/sister………love you sis







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