Tongue in cheek………….know the saying………..understand the saying………..

Good morning all it is a cooler day today here in my part of the world, I was just over at Diane’s blog who can be found here:
and she used the term tongue in cheek which reminded me that I wanted to write about the saying as the other day I was talking to Jessica and used the term myself and she wanted to know why people say it as it didn’t make any sense to her.

I explained to her it is said when something is not serious or intended to be taken seriously but still she thought it was a silly saying.

She stuck her tongue in her cheek and said what is funny about this, I had no answer for her, she than wanted to know who came up with the saying and again I had no answer but thanks to Google I can tell you it was used in a poem in 1842 called “The Ingoldsby Legends” in which a Frenchman inspects a watch and cries “Superbe Magnifique” (with his tongue in his cheek)I can also tell you with the help of Google that the ironic usage originates with the idea of suppressed mirth-biting one’s tongue to prevent an outburst of laughter.

So now we have all learnt something thank you Jessica for asking me a question I didn’t know the answer to and thank you Diane for reminding me I wanted to Google the question in order to answer it for Jessica.

So anyone else have a saying they don’t get or know how it started or why if so Google it………..or tell me and I will Google it for you and write a post about it……



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