A Rambling Post With Photos of Hawaii

I just realised this morning that I didn’t post yesterday even though I had started to write a post, I guess with Leo being so demanding and the washing and such I just forgot to get back to the post and finish it off and hit publish oh well such is life…………so here is what I wrote yesterday with what I am writing today and today I will remember to post it.

Dawson is getting used to his new driver but not without another drama in his mother’s eyes, the new driver has the child lock on the doors and Michelle (his mum) rang up and complained to the school. However, she was told it was a new policy introduced and there was nothing that could be done about it, Michelle was arguing because the boys are all teenagers but they are teenagers with problems hence why they are going to a special school. She is also still complaining about the route she takes to the school, but really the woman has to do what she things is best and what does it really matter.

It’s another hot day here in Newie I manage to do all the washing and get it on the line before it got too hot, although inside the house it is not that hot.

Last weekend Dave manage to get the hands free in my car to work and I have already answered a couple of calls using it, I am so happy so thank you baby brother.

Now to Sunday, well I manage to have a sleep in this morning, I got up at 8am and that is a sleep in for me since during the warmer months I am usually up, dressed and doing stuff by 6-6.30am. Hence the reason I often feel like a nap in the afternoon, but having to pick Leo up makes it difficult and by the time I get home from getting him I usually don’t feel like doing so.

Tim wants to go out when he gets up to do stuff I am not sure what but he was talking like he wants me to go out with him, sometimes I do wonder why he needs me with him oh well will worry about that when he gets up which will be in a couple of hours I expect.

Mum was telling me last night that her and Sandra went down and listed all the stuff that will stay in the motor home when they sell it, now she just has to get dad to advertise it and to stop talking about it and do it. He keeps saying they have to do this or that before he advertises it and mum is like just advertise it already and we will get the things done because advertising it and selling it are two different things.

He is worrying a lot about money and mum says well if you sell the motor home that will give us some money. Mum doesn’t worry about money as much she can’t see the point worrying will not change things so why bother is mums point of view and have to say I agree with her. I also don’t worry about such things, in fact there are very few things I worry about I just take each day as it comes.

I can smell something sweet but not sure what it is or where it is coming from, might be pancakes I am not sure but it is a nice smell…………kind of making me hungry………oh well.

I guess I have rambled on enough for one post so I will now post this with some pictures of Hawaii………



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