A bit about my sway back

Now for a post about my back, many years ago a neighbour of mine commented that I had a sway back I had not heard the term before and wondered at first what she meant but I used my common sense to figure it out and now with the help of the internet I can check if I guessed right and of course I did.

Now back than I wasn’t overweight or anything and it was just the way I was, I knew that some things would make my bum poke out and look bigger than it was so I would try and stay away from those clothes.

I was never told by my a doctor or anyone that it was due to bad posture although now that it is more noticeable because I am a bigger woman I have been told I need to change my posture which is not easy to do after 50 years.

Also my back has had the same curvature all my life so I reckon I have had this condition all my life, it is only now that it is a problem and I know it is because of my weight but that isn’t something that is going to change overnight.

Looking on the internet I have discovered that it has a name lordosis which refers to the normal inward curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine but in some people the can be excessive or hyperlordosis and this is a swayback. Everything I have read says that treatment for hyperlordosis is not easy and involves months of physio and that doesn’t always work if the condition has been present since childhood, also the longer you have had the condition it is harder to correct.

In fact no doctor has ever mentions lumbar hyperlordosis to me, I can tell you what I do know, I need pillows to support my back while I am sitting here writing my blog posts or using my laptop and I need back support when I am out shopping and I can only walk a short distance if I am carrying stuff before the back pain starts.

I also know that when I am wearing dresses and some pairs of pants I need a belt to pull everything in and make what I am wearing look nice.

So have you heard of a sway back?

Maybe you have a sway back.

2 thoughts on “A bit about my sway back

  1. I’ve only ever heard that term with horses Jo-Anne, usually horses that are ridden before they’re old enough.

    I’m sorry you have back pain, I hope your doctor can do something to relieve that.

    Diana xo

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