A Post About My Life So A Post About Nothing Much

Good morning world it is another lovely day here in my part of the world, I am starting this as I wait for mum to pick me up we are going to see nanna today as it is Wednesday that is all I have planned for today.

So it the first of October today and I am expecting to see a lot of Christmas stuff in the stores from this week, I love Christmas but really it annoys me when we see Christmas stuff in the stores so early I think from the start of November would be early enough, what do others think.

So I just went and unpacked the dishwasher because it was bugging me that I hadn’t done it yet, it is one of the first things I do when I get up of a morning, just like mum one of the first things she does is unpack the dishwasher.

I posted a photo last night on Facebook of my mum’s biological father just to see if anyone knew who it was my daughter Natasha got it right and my sister Sandra thought it might be Merve too but my cousins didn’t know they thought it was their dad who I must say does look a lot like his father so not a bad guess. This is the photo in question.

I might post a few more old photos just so see who knows who they are, I like old photos, I scanned a number of them onto my computer but would love to have more of them I will have to ask mum if she has more that I can have to scan onto the computer.

Oh yeah on Friday I bought myself a pair of Harem pants and guess what, they don’t fit too small so I will be giving them to someone as a present I wasn’t sure if they would fit but I got the largest size and I was unable to try them on first so just took a chance. I will have to keep looking for some that will fit me.

While Blain was over the other night he brought his Xbox with him and Tasha set it up in Tim’s office for him to use as we only have two tv’s now the one in the loungeroom and the one in Tim’s office, anyway Tim came home from work saw him playing it and told me to move it to the spare room I reminded him that we don’t have a tv in the spare room anymore. So yesterday morning he tells me that he would like to go and by another tv for the his room and the tv in there can be moved to the spare room and that way the boys can watch telly in there. I felt like saying well you will need to get Foxtel in that room if you want the boys to watch telly in there but I didn’t I know Tim he would say let them watch DVD’s which they won’t but no point in arguing over it.

The other night a photo fell off the wall the hook bit at the back broke so now I have to find a way to repair it or get another frame. Tim would say just get another frame and I will if I can’t fix this frame but it is nice frame and I would rather fix it than toss it.

Yes another rambling post about nothing much at all I will write more interesting posts again but don’t ask me when as I don’t know………….lol

The other day while she was here Jessica looked around the loungeroom and says that this stuff animal and that stuffed animal are hers, I said yes your point well she had no point she just wanted to point out they were hers. I have a number of stuffed animals hanging around the loungeroom why well because it is better than having them stored away in a box somewhere. Well I think it is and it is my house and if I want to hang stuffed toys around the place I will.

Oh yeah when Blain was here the other night he says to me you have photos of Leo when he was a baby but not me, so I had to take him around and point out all the photos of him as a baby, he didn’t realise I had so many and liked that I had one of him and his parents as a newborn. The one I don’t have many baby photos of is Summer but I am working on it.

So been to see nanna she was well, while we were there the physio came around and rubbed her arms and hands and did some arm exercises to loosen up her joints.

Now to post this



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