Here we are at the start of another week, which makes me wonder what day of the week do you consider the start of the week, for me it’s Monday but I know some people consider Sunday to be the start of the week.

Did I mention that while in Hawaii, my nice white pants split and when I got home I stitched them up well today I chose to wear them and as soon as I sat down they split again, I still have them on but when or if I go out today I will have to change them and when I take them off this afternoon I will bin them. I really am going to have to buy some new shorts and ¾ pants over the next few weeks.

This week Tim is on afternoon work all week it is his first week as a permanent driver with his own line/run. We will have Blain staying over tonight, I love it when I see him but I hope he is ok, he gets bored he very easy unlike Leo who is able to make his own fun. Blain likes his Xbox which we don’t have; Leo will use the computer to find games to play. Blain has a habit of saying he wants to go home after an hour or so. I so love seeing him but I don’t want him to feel like he is being forced to stay here. I think Blain would often be happier if he could come over during the day when Leo is here and go home at night but his mum always says he wants to come over. I think he says he does but as I said after an hour or so he gets bored and wants to go home.

I would like to have Sydney-May stay over one night but I worry if I do that she will get bored as well as I don’t have a lot of girl toys here since I rarely have the girls over and when they do come they like to watch cartoons and play outside with Leo who is usually here anyway at the same time.

I can’t imagine not seeing my grandchildren but I know I am lucky and a lot of grandparents don’t get to see their grandchildren for many reasons, like they live too far away or for some reason the parents don’t want them to see the children.

Years ago I would get a little annoyed that my mum would favour Dawson over the other grandchildren but now I realise that this is because he is more like their son than their grandson.

I also understand that the more you see a grandchild the more of a connection you will have with the child, when Blain was a baby and toddler I saw a lot of him and we were really close but then he started school and I stopped seeing him as much and the connection faded. With Leo even though he is 1st class at school I still see him nearly every day of the week as I pick him up from school and still likes to sleep over one night a week.

I always say the grandchild has to want to spend the night, I never want to fight the child or make them stay over if they do not want to do so..

I remember many years ago my sister Sue thought that mum and dad loved my children more than hers but that wasn’t the case, it was more that they saw my children weekly and they would see her children a few times a year. They also saw Jeannie’s children quite often but not as often as they saw mine and it is as I have said the more you see the grandchild the close to them you are.

Mum and dad do not feel that they know much about Sue’s children and they do not know how to change that, Sue’s children are all grown adults now and have their own lives and mum knows that means they don’t have the time to see them and she accepts it for what it is. Although I know that both my parents would like to know them better.

My parents have 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren and they love and care for all of them they just don’t know all of them that well.


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