A strange phone call and rubbish

No post yesterday, why, well I just didn’t feel like writing anything this often happens if I read blogs before writing my post because I usually spend around 2-3hrs reading blogs. This is why I prefer to write my post before starting to read other blogs.

Yesterday Tim took the trolley which I thought was his but turns out to be the one dad has been looking for, for the last couple of months to Jessica’s to help her get rid of some large items that don’t work or are broken, she is having a curb side collection this week.

Well after he had moved the stuff out to the curb the old lady who lives up the front went down and told Jessica she had to move the stuff and not have it in front of her house, she said that Jessica should have put the stuff out the front of her own place as they (the council) would collect it from there. Jessica doesn’t do confrontation well (she is like me) but she told the woman that she was told by Compass Housing to put it there so she did. Jessica said she was shaking when the woman left from nerves and she wished her dad had still been there but the woman properly waited till after she saw him leave to approach Jessica.

Today is another lovely spring day here in my part of the world and I have nothing to do at all today which is great I have blogs to read and letters to answer thankfully I only have 6 letters left to answer and hope to get through them today ready to post off tomorrow.

I was speaking to mum last night as I do every night, anyway she was telling me she got a phone call yesterday morning from a mobile number she didn’t know. So she answers the phone and the caller says “Mavis” mum replies yes and the woman tells her she is Hazel, Judy’s sister it took mum a moment to know who she was. It was Dawson’s mothers Aunt, well the woman went on to have a bitch about Michelle (Dawson’s mum) saying that she was holding her mother prisoner and not letting her make phone calls or leave the house, all a bunch of rubbish and of course mum defended Michelle but the whole time she was on the phone she was thinking why are you ringing me it has nothing to do with me I am not related to any of you. At one point mum said that it had nothing to do with her but the woman just ignored that and continued to go on and on.

Really Michelle has a strange family, this isn’t the first time that this woman has rung mum and we have no idea why she rings mum. Mum is not a rude woman and wouldn’t just say it’s nothing to do with me and hang up but it is how she feels.

Ok that is all I have for today, so I will stop boring you all now and post this.

3 thoughts on “A strange phone call and rubbish

  1. I’m glad it is a lovely spring day there. It was a lovely fall day here today but I already miss summer and wishing I could escape to somewhere tropical for the winter!
    Diana xo

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