A Little About Me and Hawaiian Airlines

Good morning all what a lovely day it is here in Australia be it a bit on the cold side but it is suppose to warm up if I remember rightly, ok just checked the weather channel and it is supposed to get a little warmer but is also supposed to rain…………..oh well I am not going out today.

Now last night I was feeling pretty sick and went to bed pretty early and all was good but during the night I wake up to go to the toilet and look at the clock and it’s not there, what the hell. I get up go to the toilet turn my bedside light on and what the hell, Tim has disconnected it. Now I know that since we returned from Hawaii it has had a buzzing sound in it and it can be annoying but I didn’t think it was that bad, however, I know Tim was really annoyed with it and had told me he wanted to get rid of it and get a new clock. It was about 20 years old but still I wasn’t going to toss it till I had a replacement.

As everyone knows we just returned for a short holiday in Hawaii, you may or may not know we flew Hawaiian Airlines to get there but did you know that Hawaiian Airlines is the largest airline in Hawaii and the 8th largest commercial airline in the United States.

Hawaiian Airlines was founded in 1929 under the name of Inter-Island Airways and flew between Maui and the Big Island. It changed its name to Hawaiian Airlines in 1941. It was at this time that all inter-Island traffic was placed under military control due to the Second World War.

Did you know that Hawaiian Airlines is considered one of the safest airlines there is due to their flawless safety and premium service.

Today Hawaiian Airlines carries an average of 8 million people a year and serves 20 domestic and international destinations in the pacific region. In North America it provides daily service to Hawaii from more cities than any other airline.

We enjoyed flying with Hawaiian Airlines and would fly with them again.



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