Home again and food I didn’t like in Hawaii

Good morning world, it is now 7.30am on Wednesday the 24th September and I am at last getting around to writing another post. Since returning home from Hawaii I have been busy with washing and shopping, (there was no food in the house).

Anyway I am going to start this but reckon I won’t get it finished and posted before mum arrives to pick me up to go and see nanna at the nursing home.

But let’s go back to food, while in Hawaii we had pizza which I mentioned and it was great but we also had Macca’s and KFC which were not so great, the Macca’s was ok I could eat it, it was just different from what we have here. However, the KFC was disgusting, I didn’t like it at all and neither did Tim. In fact while I was in Hawaii I mostly had fries at the hotel swim bar although on night I had fried chicken that was ok not great but ok.

When we arrived back in Australia the first thing we did after clearing customs and such was stop at Macca’s at the airport for food and Tim takes a bite out of his Big Mac and says this is what it’s supposed to taste like…………lol

Monday night we had KFC for tea and again Tim says this is what I like………..lol

Now his plan is to save and save for our next holiday, which I am hoping will be a cruise with my parents and brother & his family but we will see as Tim says we have just got back from a holiday. However, I felt like I was really just starting to really relax and get into the holiday mood when it was time to come home. I could have stayed another few days, really I like around 2 weeks away because it can take me up to a week to feel like I am on holiday.

At least we came home to a clean house, thanks to Natasha coming over and cleaning and the lawn had been mowed thanks to “bear” our next-door neighbour.

Just got back from seeing nan, she was good chatty but her left eye looked terrible the nurse had to wash it out to get rid of all the muck in it and I can tell you nanna didn’t like it, she is like me in that she doesn’t handle stuff to do with the eyes very well and cried as it was washed out.

So now I will post this with some photos of food that we didn’t like that we ate in Hawaii…………


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