Walking, Shopping and Tim

Hi everyone this is our last full day in Hawaii, we fly out for home tomorrow lunch time and even though I have had a great holiday I am missing my family. We are not the type of people who can be away from our loved ones for more than a week or so, we have spoken to a few other Aussies who have been away from home for 3, 4 or 5 weeks and that is just too long for us.

What’s it like for other people, how long do you like to be away from home and your loved ones? Maybe Tim and I are just strange in that we find a week or so long enough.

While out this morning we bought some gifts for our grandchildren, and I realised something I like to spend money on my family, Tim likes to spend money on him. I don’t mean to sound like he doesn’t think of his family as he does but mostly he has bought stuff that he wanted, he has spent $33 on clothing and shoes for himself.

Yes I did get myself two pairs of shoes but I was looking at some pants & tops sets today and I wanted Tim’s opinion and he was well you did get those shoes but if you want it, if you think it would fit you than get it. That is the big thing with the clothes you see at the markets I don’t know if they will fit or what it would look like on, remember I am a short fat woman and some things look really nice on the hanger but not so nice on the body.

I bought myself a small 6.8oz can of Malibu with pineapple and it is nice I just opened it and had it I added some pineapple to the drink which I got when we went to Macca’s yesterday.

I also notice that I have been having a large breakfast and a very light lunch while Tim has been having a light breaky and wanting lunch like 3hrs later. So for lunch he has been getting burgers with fries and he has the burger and I have the fries.

Tim also wanted to know why I have been applying make-up each morning when we are not going anywhere special I had to explain to him that my make-up has sunscreen in it, so I am wearing it to protect my face from the sun.



2 thoughts on “Walking, Shopping and Tim

    1. I also like to be away for two weeks at times but that is my limit I don’t like to be away from the girls and grandchildren for too long and while away I Facebook and email them each day but it isn’t the same as seeing them

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