Yesterday’s post today

Yesterday post today, was just so tired last night couldn’t be bothered posting it

Hello everyone, what a day I have had a lot of bloody walking, while we were at home Tim saw this shopping tour and decided he wanted to go on it I wasn’t sure but went along with it and we booked it can’t remember how much it cost but we did it today and what a waste of money. I did however buy two pairs of shoes but overall I didn’t think it was worth the money maybe next time he will listen to me. I said we could catch a bus or walk to some shops but no he wanted to do the tour oh well we all know Tim has to learn things the hard way because I am sure he doesn’t think I know a damn thing.

After returning from the tour, he went swimming and I went souvenir shopping I spent all up $56 but got something for my girls and parents and a something for me and I will be getting something for all the grandchildren of course just haven’t found what I want to get yet, still have a couple of days here yet though.

You know I am getting hungry as it has been over 6 hrs since we last ate, Tim said he wanted to go out for pizza tonight and that is fine but I was beginning to think he wasn’t returning as he had been gone 3 hrs but he is back now and so we will be going out to eat soon.

Just got back from tea/dinner, we had pizza it was really nice but again Tim didn’t listen to me I said order a small he said medium so we got medium and guess what we couldn’t eat it all, thankfully we were able to bring what we didn’t eat back with us, it’s in the fridge and we will finish it off tomorrow thankfully we can eat cold pizza.

I am going to have another bath my second one for today but what the hell with all the sweating I do due to the walking I think it isn’t surprising that I want two baths during the day. Tim had a Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini and it was really nice he also had vodka in his bottle of Fanta. We have to be up at 5.20am as we get picked up for the tour tomorrow at 6.30ish and I want us to get up and have breakfast before we get.


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