Day 2 of Hawaii

Well here it is day two of our Hawaii vacation and what a relaxing day it has been, breakfast which is included was great and I over ate a bit but that I say was because last night we didn’t have dinner just didn’t feel like it. My back and shoulders/neck is aching from all the walking and carrying my hand back which I sling across my chest to prevent it being stolen.

After breaky we went for a walk but I also came back to the room to change into my shorts and noticed that the email I sent yesterday to the travel agent didn’t go so I had to copy it and send it again this time through my gmail account and that went.

We went on a bus ride this morning I like to jump to a bus and take a ride but most of the time Tim doesn’t want to do it which is annoying but this morning he agreed and he liked it.

We have picked up the tour vouchers although it took us a while to find the place to get them from but it is done now so all good. I have also contacted my eldest daughter and my sister to see if someone could ring the booking centre for the travel agent for us. I am not stressing over it but it still a concern.

This afternoon Tim went down to the pool and got into the hot tub while I sat in the bar and had a Blue Hawaiian and a bowl of chips, then I came back and had a nice long bath and as I sit here I am writing this and looking at the beach.

I can tell you one thing I have a bloody headache, oh yeah when Tim joined me at the bar he asks what I was drinking I told him, he asks how much is that I told him I didn’t know around $11 and he had this look as if he thought I paid too much but he didn’t say anything which is a good thing as if he had I would have been annoyed as he has spent close to $30 on grog since we arrived.


4 thoughts on “Day 2 of Hawaii

  1. I enjoyed reading all your posts about Hawaii, but am just commenting on this one. I was wondering which island did you stay on and what hotel? Also, what is different about an Australian Big Mac vs. and American one? I don’t think I ate at a McDonalds when we were in Australia several years ago, so now I am wondering!!!!!

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