Arrived but not without dramas

Ok we have arrived but all hasn’t gone smoothly, last week I wanted Tim to check the reservation and the airport transfers but NO he knew better and what happens we arrive to find out that because he didn’t ring and confirm the airport transfer we were not on the list after some talking to the guy it was arranged that another company would take us to the hotel. So we get here at last and we are not booked in till tomorrow the travel agent stuffed up but thankfully after the guy had a chat with his manager they agreed to move our booking forward a day, although the room they had was in an area of the hotel that is having work done so he said it might be a little noisy I don’t care I am just happy they are working around us and we have a room. The hotel waved the booking fee because of the work going on and the nose, however there are more problems. I discovered they have us checking out now on Friday and we don’t fly out till Saturday and we are booked into the Rydges on Sunday night.


I  have emailed the travel agent and asked them to get back to us asap, I said we are willing and happy to stay another night but we shouldn’t have to pay for it.


On another note my back is aching so much from all the walking and carrying heavy bags but it has been a nice day more or less. 


Tim would not have it that we leave Saturday and arrive Sunday, I made him ring Hawaiian Airlines and asked them and then he admitted I was right. 


We went out for a walk, and bought a few things, I got two 600 ml or 20 oz bottles of Coke for only $3.30.


No photos today, I am too exhausted but have taken a lot so far and will download them and post some tomorrow……………maybe…………


Ok this was written last night but for some reason I forgot to post it so doing so now a new post will follow tonight


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