Packing and being excited

Good afternoon all, it has been a beautiful day here in Australia. I had Kathy-Lee, Sydney-May, Summer along with Jessica and Leo here for lunch it was a birthday lunch for Kathy who turned 29 last Wednesday.

The rest of the afternoon has been spent packing for our holiday, I discovered that at the end of last summer I threw out a number of pairs of my shorts so could only find 1 pair to take with me to Hawaii but I also packed some leggings and long tops/short dresses to wear.

We are catching a train to Sydney tomorrow around lunch time and than we will take the train that runs from Central to the airport yes we will be there early but Tim worries about running late and would rather be early than late. The flight doesn’t leave till 9pm so I am expecting to sleep pretty much all the way to Hawaii. I have never flown at night before………..just saying……….

We went out this morning and bought me a new camera since the last one died and I have to have a camera on a holiday.

You know what is annoying, when Tim puts the telly on a channel than leaves and goes to his office and doesn’t come back…………I just changed the channel well I put on Inspector Morse as I am trying to clear as much from the Foxtel hard drive as I can before we leave since I will be recording a fair bit while we are away.

I may not post as often while we are away but if we have free Wi-Fi I will be posting on Facebook about what we are up to, you have no idea how excited I am about the trip.


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