Another Post About World War 1

Good afternoon, I am doing another post about the First World War, yes this topic does interest me a lot and I have a couple of more posts in the works but for today you get this.

Ok the First World War started in August 1914 I think we all know that but do you know who the war was between, or what caused the war to start with, my research says it had a lot to do with the decisions taken my statesmen and generals during the July Crisis of 1914 caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.

When people think of the war they will usually think of the trenches which were massive, the trench system stretched from the Swiss mountains to the English Channel. We can envision the mud full trenches with the barb wire, well I can.

We all know that the winners of the war were the Allies but what name was given to the other side, my daughter Jessica asked me that question not long ago while I was watching a show about the First World War so I had to look it up they were called the Central Powers which was composed of the following nations, Austria-Hungary who entered the war on the 28th July, the German Empire from the 1st August, the Ottoman Empire who secretly entered the war on the 2nd August and openly on the 29th October and there was the Kingdom of Bulgaria who joined the war on the 14th October 1914

The war ran from the 28th July 1914 to the 11th November 1918 so it lasted 4 years 3 months and 1 week, we all should know about Armistice Day which is the same day as Remembrance Day. The very first Armistice Day was held at Buckingham Palace on the morning of 11th November 1919, this would set the trend for a day of Remembrance for decades to come. In fact here in Australia and I know in New Zealand as well on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we stop for a minutes silence to remember those in all wars that have died.

So many died and really it was just the start of things as I am sure many people would agree that the Second World War was a continuation of the First World War.

Private Henry Tandey

I wonder what the British soldier who could have killed Hitler but didn’t would think later on after Hitler came to power and caused so much destruction and death. Private Henry Tandey couldn’t have known what type of man Hitler was or would become.

Private Tandey would become the most decorated British solider of the First World War, his courage and bravery in his determination to take down the enemy and rescue his wounded comrades earned him a chestful of medals including the distinguished Victoria Cross and Military Medal.

Private Tandey carrying a wounded comrade


5 thoughts on “Another Post About World War 1

  1. Those were hard and trying times, for sure, Joanne. I’ve seen some photos and read some stories. So brave. Thank you for sharing and keeping their memory alive.

      1. You’re right, Joanne, on we should never forget. There was so much sacrifice of so many lives and, sad to say, still going on today.

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