Jessica, Dawson & Landon

Today’s post is a bit of this and a bit of that, so where to start at the beginning or the end ok I will start at the end and work backwards because that makes the most sense.

I was woken up at 2.30am this morning with a phone call from my darling daughter (Natasha) she was ringing me from her house phone and had her sister Jessica on her mobile. My special girl (Jessica) rang her sister because I didn’t answer my mobile and neither did her dad, now why was Jessica ringing at 2.30am.

She was in pain with her back again, she gets this pain two or three times a year and it is so bad all she can do is cry and wants her mummy. So what did I do……………I went back to bed…………..ok I didn’t I got my pj’s on over my nightie and went to her place taking with me Ibuprofen and Voltaren Emulgel, after giving her pain medication and rubbing the Voltaren into her back I brought her and Leo home with me, she is still in so much pain there is no way she can do her morning run and I will be taking her to the doctors at 9.45am after I get back from taking Leo to school.

Speaking of Leo he is so upset about his mum and keeps telling me he wants to take her pain away and wants to know why I can’t make mummy’s pain go away.

Yesterday I had the girls here for lunch I did a baked lunch as that is the family’s favourite lunch

Let’s move back to Saturday when my precious first born (Kathy) and I took little Summer to a birthday party for Landon, now I know you are wondering who the hell is Landon, well he is Dawson’s little brother on his mother’s side. Anyway Landon turned 2 and Michelle had a party for him at Megamania and invited Kathy and Summer, she would have invited Sydney but she knew Sydney would be at her dads.

Thursday I went with my parents to Dawson’s school presentation and this time his father and Leigh also came although his mother didn’t turn up she had doc’s (dept of children services) going to her place and couldn’t get them to change the day anyway this time Dawson didn’t get any awards but the teachers had nice things to say about him and we got to see the coffee table he has been working on since the start of the year, he is giving it to his nanna (my mum).


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