What do you think of history?

Do you like history?

I do, I love to watch history programmes on telly and I love to visit museums, Tim is not so interested in history that said when we go away on holidays he will go with me to different museums but where I could spend all my time going through museums Tim gets fed up after the first couple of them.

I spend a lot of time watching the history channel and the bio channel which has a lot of programs about the English Royal family which is another thing I am interested in, that Tim can’t be bothered with.

It is strange at times to think that what is happening in the world today will one day be history, when I watch programs about the Royal Family, I think about what people will think in a hundred years’ time about the current Royal Family.

I am watching a show about the women in King Charles 2nd‘s life which made me think what people will think about our Prince Charles a few hundred years after his life.

One wonders if our modern day royals are somewhat tame by comparison to the antics of royals of the past.


4 thoughts on “What do you think of history?

  1. I like history too Jo-Anne! I was more interested in the Royals when Diana was princess, although I have to admit that little Prince George is pretty amazing!
    Diana xo

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