Watching Television

Do you watch much television?

What type of television programmes do you like to watch?

You know I get annoyed when I hear people talking about how bad it is to watch too much television, yeah really it isn’t that bad well I don’t think it is and I watch a lot of television and yes I like to have time of a morning when I first get up without the television on and the house is nice and quiet but I also like to have the television on for most of the day.

When I was a child I remember my grandparents having the radio on all day and around 6pm they would turn the television on and watch tv for the rest of the night but if I wanted to have the telly on during the day I was allowed to do so although as a child I preferred to read a lot.

I just don’t see how watching tv is a bad thing, that said I don’t think it is fine for a child to spend all day every day in front of the telly but who does that none of my girls spent that much time watching telly and none of my grandchildren spend that much time watching telly during the day they are more likely to watch it during the night and when it is wet and they are unable to go outside to play and many times they will have the telly on but they are playing with toys as well and watching and playing at the same time.

There are many good programmes that teach children as well as entertain them.

Now to me I love my telly I love history programmes and I love crime shows and I watch a lot of British crime shows and I love Australian shows as well at the moment I think

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries she is bloody great and I also liked

Mr & Mrs Murder oh and I have to add

Dr Blake Mysteries just to name a few good Aussie shows.


4 thoughts on “Watching Television

  1. I don’t watch TV all day Jo-Anne, but some at night. Depends on the season too. I watch way less TV in the summer because I like to be outside as much as possible!
    Diana xo

  2. I haven’t been watching a lot of television lately. My shows come back on in the fall. As for my kids they don’t watch too much. My youngest likes to play with his toys and pretend things going on in the show he’s watching. So at least he’s still being creative

    1. Yeah Leo is like that he likes to watch a show and pretend he is part of the show while he is playing with his toys, if I say to him you are playing with your toys and not watching the show he will reply I am part of the show and I can do both

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