Dad’s Home and what I think about microwave ovens

Here we are on a nice warm in the sun but cold everywhere else Saturday and first up I would like to let everyone know that my dad is home from hospital and doing much better, be it being a bit of cranky sod due to the prednisone he was on but that will pass and we are happy he is home. He even came to Friday breakfast yesterday and my daughter said it was nice to see him looking ok, although she was annoyed when she found out that he called her nanna fat the day before, if mum is fat what am I…………fatter that’s what but what the hell I am happy and I know that I have no motivation to lose weight at the moment it is too cold.

However, that is not what this post is about, I will tell you what it is about…………………nothing much…………………Moving on though while I was out shopping this morning I heard these women talking about how one of them thought microwave ovens are a waste of money and don’t save time at all and I thought how stupid are you. Yes I know not everyone may agree with me but still this is what I thought, I love my microwave and can remember when my parents first bought one it was not long after they came on the market and you know I have had one ever since pretty much we may not have had one when we were first married but more or less we have always had a microwave.

I think they are great for reheating stuff and defrosting stuff such as ice cream that is rock hard 20 seconds in the microwave and it is soft enough to get it out of the container without breaking a spoon. I also like to do potatoes that I intend to roast in the oven in the microwave first, you peel the spuds and pop them into a freezer bag and cook for about 10 minutes till they are nice and soft then you cut them and drizzle oil over them add salt and pop them in the over for an hour, 10 minutes in the microwave halves your oven time.

Ok I would never cook a cake in the microwave, or my meat although I do cook bacon in the microwave a lot and I do poached eggs for Tim in it as well, to me the microwave has its place alongside other kitchen appliances.

What do others think is the microwave oven a time saver and a great invention or do you agree with the women I overheard and think they are a waste of money.


14 thoughts on “Dad’s Home and what I think about microwave ovens

  1. They’re great for a bit of defrosting, and destroying old CDs, but for the actual cooking I’ll take the oven. A microwave tends to suck the taste right out!

    The woman’s comment makes no sense. The whole purpose of the microwave is to save time. Maybe she bought hers off the back of a lorry for a dollar?

  2. I must admit – I like the time-saving aspects of the microwave, particularly as I inevitably forget to defrost something for dinner or only have five minutes to eat before I run out the door!

    Perhaps for that woman, saving time isn’t her criteria so… the mircowave simply doesn’t make sense to her! Me, I am always looking for ways to save time! maybe that’s because I always seem to be running behind time trying to catch up. 🙂

  3. Glad your dad is home Jo-Anne!

    As for microwaves, I have one too. I use it to re-heat coffee, or soften butter if I’ve forgotten to take it out of the fridge, but not really for cooking.

    I have read, recently, that microwaves rob food of their nutritional value more than cooking does.

    But to each their own right? If you don’t like microwaves, don’t get one. If you do, then get one! ❤
    Diana xo

    1. Thanks we are glad dad is home, yeah if you don’t like a microwave don’t get one maybe the woman had tried using one for all cooking and I don’t think they are good for cooking all types of foods but they do have their place

  4. First of all…Prednisone is from Satan. Because of my mast cell disorder and terrible allergies, I have to go on a round from time to time and I just cry when my doctor prescribes it. I can’t sleep while taking it….it’s awful! Plus I’m jittery, but I do get a lot done….

    The worst part is I want to eat everything in sight. I’d even eat the fridge if I could get it in my mouth! I hope your dad doesn’t have as severe side effects….

    Microwaves are the bomb dot com. Those women just don’t see the benefits….they don’t know how useful they truly are.

    They are great for cooking most vegetables, and I love to cook spaghetti squash in them!


  5. Happy to hear your Dad is back home and doing better. Feels good to have all the family back together, I’m sure.

    On the microwave, it sure comes in handy for us, too, like you said on softening ice cream. I just came across another handy dandy use on Facebook for corn on the cobb. Here you go — here’s the link if you want to check it out: Looks pretty slick.

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