My dad is hospital again

Ok here I am at last writing another post been a bit slack lately sorry for that no excuse I have just not been in the mood and when I have been I have been busy with other stuff but I am here now.

So what am I going got tell you today, well my dad has been in hospital since Thursday he was having trouble breathing and was coughing a lot and would cough till he throw up so mum took him to the GP who sent him to the hospital and they hospital admitted him as he was that bad, but after a few days of strong antibiotics via the drip in his arm he has improved a lot and may be home today or tomorrow I just hope they don’t send him home too soon.

Saturday night he got up and went to the toilet and what happened on his way back to bed, he fell over, and of course couldn’t reach his buzzer and had to sit on the floor calling for help; thankfully the woman in the next bed heard him and called for the nurse. He was told he fell because he was wearing socks, but dad has to wear sock all the time due to the nerves in his feet being shot and his feet being as cold as ice blocks all the time.

While he has been in hospital he has had some visitors but not me I have been too sick to go and see him mum has gone every day morning and again in the afternoon and my brother has gone a few times as well.

While dad has been in hospital mum has had a couple of nights home alone and she has loved it mum likes being home alone this is something my sister can’t get she seems to think mum needs someone to stay with her, I of course get it because I love being home alone.

Mum was telling me that my niece Temika who is only 4yrs old was upset about poppy being in hospital and said to her mum that she was worried that poppy wouldn’t come home and would have to stay in the hospital like great nan does, she said that poppy is very old and is sick a lot and that might be while he will not be allow to come home, mum said she was very upset about this and Sandy had to assure her that poppy would be home as soon as he was better and that he was getting better by being in the hospital.

The funny thing is that Temika will not go near pop very often, she doesn’t like giving him hugs and kisses, but Temika has always had a problem with men from the time she was only a baby, we feel she might have had a problem with men in a passed life but that is another post.


11 thoughts on “My dad is hospital again

  1. Sorry to hear that your dad is in hospital again Jo-Anne. It probably is the best place for him right now as it seems he is getting better. ❤ I'm glad your mum is enjoying her time in the house alone. Everybody needs time to themselves every now and then. I think anyway. 🙂
    Diana xo

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