Christmas Toy Sale

Well the time has arrived, today the Christmas toy sale catalogue arrived from Big W this is the big toy sale of the year with no deposit layby and pick up as late as Christmas Eve so it is a good layby to have. I am a big fan of layby always have been although my daughter Jessica says she can’t see the point she would just rather save the money then go and buy all the toys at once I would rather layby and pay it off if by some chance I layby something that by the end of the year I no longer thing the child I bought it for would still like the toy I can take that toy back and get a refund and get them something different.

Kelli is like me she loves layby and like me she feels that if she picks something that is no longer appropriate by the end of the year she just returns it and gets something different.

When I was younger and had three young daughters to buy for and little money I relied of layby to get stuff and to be able to spoil my girls at Christmas time, I have always been a giver just like my mum, I have found memories of my parents spoiling us as children at Christmas time. I now love to spoil not only my daughters but also my grandchildren and other members of my family.

So how do you get your Christmas presents do you go and buy outright or do you use layby, do your prefer to pay cash or do you get presents on credit cards. I have never used a credit card to get presents I do not like the idea of spending a year or more paying off a credit card which is why I prefer to use layby.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Toy Sale

  1. We call it “lay away” in the U.S. I tend to pick up things all year as I see them at a good price. Lay away has gone out of fashion here but I would have used it when my girls were little if it had been available. I don’t buy presents with credit cards either, or I pay it off the next bill.

    1. Yeah it seemed to go out of fashion here as well a few years back, not for me I have always laybyed but a couple of years back it was this big thing that people just seemed to find out about

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